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Creating positive wellness changes through innovative programs backed by measurable data. On-field observation is a driving factor to achieving the most accurate depiction of your employee’s job tasks.

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Our team is made up of some of the top professionals. Each person hired under the operations manager and cofounder, was hand-picked out of hundreds of applications. We use a three part interview, to pick and choose who would uphold the high standards of Forward Business Services. We all work together for the common goal, providing a safe and effective space for wellness.

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Onsite Massage Care

Most people find massage to be extremely rewarding. Stress is part of the nature of every job. Each day provides different opportunities and obstacles to overcome. Onsite Massage Care is focused on reducing muscle tension associated with stress. We will take care of setting up the environment to encourage relaxation. Imagine your employees walking into a room with relaxing music and a diffuser blowing lavender while they close their eyes and melt away into the headrest.

Onsite Analytics

Sometimes you just don’t know where to start. We have all been there.
Dr. Eichner has worked over 1000 hours to create an analytical tool that evaluates your current conditions, recommends wellness-based interventions, and tracks the effectiveness of these interventions. The system utilizes steps starting with analyzing data and collective feedback.

Each step is used to provide another level of intervention to your business. This is one of the closest levels of personalized business approach you can reach.

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Dr. Eichner would love to speak with you about the natural differences that can be made in your workplace for the benefit of all. Contact Forward Business Services today to learn more about natural, effective, and focused therapeutic services.


Take a couple of minutes to see your  Forward Wellness Score.

The score is based on known factors that can influence a business’s employee wellness. The score is comprised on four different components:

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